Our guests plan their own flights and book through their own airlines or travel agents. They typically arrive at Puerto Plata airport which is located a very short distance (10 minutes drive) from Casa 21. 

If you wish to we can arrange transportation for you to and from that airport. The 10 minutes drive passes by very fast and before you realize you are enjoying a welcoming drink. There is also the possibility to take a taxi yourself and they charge about 35 USD for the ride. For your information our taxi driver charges the same amount.


Punta Cana is about 8 hours drive, Santo Domingo is 4 hours, Santiago is 1 hour and 30 minutes and Puerto Plata city is 25 minutes drive from Sosua. If you will be flying into Santiago or Santo Domingo you have different options to get to Sosua : by rental car, by taxi, by Metro bus or Caribe bus. 

Here some more information about local transportation:


Casa Veintiuno | Calle Piano #1 Reparto Tavares - Sosua (Puerto Plata) - Dominican Republic